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If you like the raised and beveled text above with the shiny mirrored look, or any other look that your imagination can create, just check out the great plug-in for JASC Paint Shop Pro or Adobe Photo Shop, Blade Pro and now, Super Blade Pro for Paint Shop Pro, offered by Flaming Pear.  This unique plug-in is not only easy to use, but listed below are numerous links of preset colors and textures, as well as tutorials for getting the most out of this super software.  Try it free for 15 days.  You won't be disappointed.



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How to Convert Blade Pro Presets to Super Blade Pro:

Blade Pro Presets * * * Converting Blade Pro (q9q) Presets to Super Blade Pro (q5q) Presets The best way to do it, is probably to a mass conversion of old blade pro files to Super Blade pro. Create a new image in PSP. Using the selection tool set to "circle" draw a circle on your canvas & flood fill with white (the reason for this is that when you save super blade pro presets, the preview is of whatever is selected at the time & if you have a circle selected, it just looks a lot neater). If you are running PSP6, go to Image/Plug-in filters/Flaming Pear/Super Blade Pro. If you are running PSP7, it will be under Effects/Plug-in filters/Flaming Pear/Super Blade Pro Click on the button with the cd & the arrow to the right to open a preset. Choose one without a preview ie. one with a *.q9q extension. Open the preset. Now click on the button with the arrow to the left of the cd. You'll see that the name of the preset is the same, but under "Save as Type" it now has "Super Blade Pro Presets (*.q5q). Click on save. This will need to be done with each of your old presets & you will then need to delete the *.q9q files from the Environments & Textures folder within the Super Blade Pro folder. Next time you go to use the preset, you should see a preview of it.


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