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          Whether trying to broaden your market-base or get your company's name and mission recognized, let us help you graphically convey your ideas.

          We build premium websites that suit the basic needs of your business.  Working with you during the design process helps our clients have a hands-on, active role in bringing the precise message that you want relayed to your prospective customers.

        The Internet provides a media-rich environment that can be manipulated in many ways to express the exact form of advertising that is right for you.

         Since major search engines play a key role in getting your presence recognized on the web, we also create a special language, embedded in the pages of your site which will help it to get more recognition when potential customers perform searches through search engines on the internet.

          Just about every home in America now owns a Personal Computer.  There are numerous businesses who've already broadened their customer base by advertising their business on the internet.  These businesses also include the address of their website on business cards, in fliers, in interactive brochure-based cds, and even in their telephone directory ads to improve their client contact.

          Some web-sites are made to be highly interactive.  They include the ability to order and purchase your products and services straight from the internet, depending on the type of business that you own.  Other businesses display their products, their mission, description, their respective products and services, and other applicable facts and media that they feel will attract potential clientele.

          In addition to our exceptional graphic design services, we also assist you in finding the most competitive rates for web-hosting and in registering your own so it is uniquely yours.  Once you have your name registered, it belongs specifically to you and your company and no one else will be able to use it.  It can not be assigned to any other individual, company and/or organization; and usually has to have the rights to the use of the name re-purchased every year or so.  You will also be listed in the who's who of domain directories so your presence will be known to other webmasters.

             Pricing varies depending on the amount of time necessary to complete and maintain your site and, of course, its' content. Domain names and web-space are billed separately through their respective companies.  We also work with individuals and businesses who have an existing web presence and have decided to make a change.          

          Let us combine our skill and graphic excellence with your ideas to convey your business presence on the web in the most tasteful and effective way.  Client satisfaction and affordability are our prime objectives in meeting your specific needs. 

          Normally, we reserve the right to hold the copyright on any images or design on your web-site, but do negotiate the release of such for a nominal fee.  Please don't hesitate to compare our work and rates with other local web-design firms.  We are sure that we can meet and exceed the standard.

          Located in the Greater Houston Metropolitan Area, Dawg Web Designs has over 6 years of Graphic design experience and an intimate knowledge of what it takes to convey your mission on the web. 

          Please don't hesitate to check out the rest of our web-site.  We have posted many links to helpful topics and graphic goodies that you may find of interest if your are a computer graphics enthusiast yourself.  Help yourself to our resources.  That's what they are there for. 

          Thanks for visiting our web-site and we do hope that you don't forget to book-mark us so that you can return and visit again. 


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