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          Welcome to our collection of home-made recipe cards that are free for you to download and use for your own personal recipe collection or to give to a friend.  Several of the recipes in my collection are great for gift baskets and jars and would be set off nicely with one of our recipe and/or gift cards also found on this site.  

          You can search the internet and find several great sites for recipes which I will list on a separate page of links for you to search through and also you will find many helpful areas within this site that will assist your cooking projects as well.  I  am also adding a link to my personal collection of recipes, but mind-you, the majority of the collection has been collected from other sites and are claimed to be copyrighted material.  The material is not intended for re-sale, it is for a personal reference ONLY  and will only be posted as such -with that express intention.  Please find as follows:



           Additionally, we are posting these recipe cards to use on our site for you to use.  To use, click on the smaller image to maximize it, simply right-click and select the "save-as" command.  Remember to place the image in a folder on your hard drive so it can be easily found and referenced later.  You can also select the option to print the card off the internet as well.  I recommend to save it for later use if you have the hard drive space.  Thanks for visiting and check out the rest of our great site by clicking below.


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