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If you like the raised and beveled text above with the shiny mirrored look, or any other look that your imagination can create, just check out the great plug-in Blade Pro and now, Super Blade Pro for Paint Shop Pro, offered by Flaming Pear.  This unique plug-in is not only easy to use, but listed below are numerous links of preset colors and textures, as well as tutorials for getting the most out of this super software.  Try it free for 15 days.  You won't be disappointed.


The Treasure Trove

State of Entropy

LwayzSmilin Peaceware

Mystic FX

Dormar Graphics

Parrett Creations

Elfenvald Enterprises

Clive-Barker Inspired Presets

Venog's Designs


Cheri's Blade Pro Presets

Mike Neay's Home on the Web

Nut's Nook

There are several unique and interesting ways to locate different links to Super Blade Pro presets on the web.  My favorite way it to input "Super Blade Pro Presets" into a search engine and begin surfing.  I've found many excellent examples of work displayed all over the web.  Below are a few of the popular search engines listed for you:

Alta Vista






Hot Bot


Ask Jeeves

Happy Preset Hunting !!!  Dawg Web Designs

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