Gradients are a colorful addition to JASC Paintshop Pro's collection of tools.  They are normally used with the flood-fill tool and can be selected to fill an area instead of choosing a solid color.  They are blends of different colors, in unique arrangements, that create a multitude of visual effects.  Gradients can be used to fill text, create web buttons, balls, lines, banners, skins, and just about anything you can think of. 

          I have accumulated several links to many great sites that have created extra gradients that you can include in your 'gradients' folder along with the ones that came with Paintshop Pro.  Collect them all if you like.  Possibilities are endless.  You will also find many links to excellent tutorials in which gradients are used as well.  One tutorial even conveys how to make your own gradients.  Have fun and don't forget to book-mark us so you can come back and visit again.  We will continue adding to this site.  Thanks for visiting.

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