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          Welcome to our collection of home-made bookmarks that are free for you to download and use for your own personal reading collection or to give to a friend as a unique gift.  Several of the of the bookmarks in my collection would be nice embellished with satin ribbon, lace, tassels, or let your imagination add any finishing touches that you may wish to add.  Please e-mail us if you wish to share any contributions below. 

          I have used images that have been found all over the internet and none that I know of are copyrighted; however, if anyone has any problem with our non-profit use of their images for the sole purpose of brightening someone's day, by all means, please don't hesitate to contact us and we'll remove it immediately after verification.

Here are a few good sites to purchase books:


           Additionally, we are posting these bookmarks  on our site for you to use.  To use, click on the smaller image to maximize it, simply right-click and select the "save-as" command.  Remember to place the image in a folder on your hard drive so it can be easily found and referenced later.  You can also select the option to print the item off the internet as well.  I recommend to save it for later use if you have the hard drive space.  Thanks for visiting and check out the rest of our great site by clicking below.

          Once again, these images are for personal or gift uses.  They can not be reproduced for re-sale without explicit permission from the artist.  Thanks for your understanding.



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